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The Jerusalem Peace Monument


A monument planned for the city of Jerusalem, cradle of three great Abrahamic religions
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"The Unveiling of the Peace Monument for Jerusalem" New York, USA - 2010 / Click (here)
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A general view of the broad side.

In 1996, Dr. Jamal Al Majaida, a leading Palestinian intellectual, asked me to think about a monumental artwork that would address the special and symbolical status of Jerusalem, a city holy to three great religions. After intense discussions, this concept emerged.

The symbolism in the Peace Monument is of hope springing forth from a wound in the earth of Jerusalem. From this blood-soaked earth springs a “forest” of slender white rods, each bearing aloft the symbol of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Despite all the terrible things that go on and have happened in the Holy Land, this forest continues to rise from its roots in this place – toward Heaven.

I don’t think I am alone in hoping that Jerusalem will finally become a true capital for three religions, three great cultures – a place open to everyone, open to new energy.

I have sent the blueprints for this monument to representatives of all the interested communities, and the discussions continue. I remain hopeful for the future.

- Jan Sawka

View of model broadside.

Side view close up.

Model, narrow side.

Model view, looking up.

The narrow side.

Model close up.

The religious symbols close up.

Model, view from above.

Birds eye view.

Jan Sawka and his model for the monument.
Photo copyright Dennis Stock 2006.

A technical drawing.




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