Artist Jan Sawka

Grateful Dead Set Night

Set design for the Grateful Dead's 25th Anniversary Tour, 1989, Giants Stadium, New York.  Commissioned by Jerry Garcia, set toured with the band for 3 years. Photo by Neil Trager.

Invasion 2 (SovietFlag)

“Invasion #2” (alt. title “Soviet Flag”), loose canvas, acrylic paint, 1992.  This is part of the “My Europe” installation representing a newly freed Poland in the 1992 World Expo in Seville, Spain.  The significance of “My Europe” is discussed by the New School’s Dr. Jeffrey Goldfarb in this article on Public Seminar: Link.

"Jan Sawka: My Europe" Seville, Spain - 1992
Venetian Triptych

Venetian Triptych, 74 x 147 inches, (three panels), acrylic and pastel on masonite, 1995

The Peace Monument, Jerusalem

Jan Sawka and scale model of the Peace Monument, Jerusalem, original concept 1996, model 2006.
Photo by Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos.
2010 recipient of the AIA's "Excellence in Architecture" Award in the Unbuilt category.

Awakenings, acrylic on loose canvas, 1992, part of Jan Sawka's "My Europe" installation, representing a newly-free Poland at the Polish Art Pavilion of the 1992 World Expo in Seville, Spain.  "My Europe" is discussed by Jeffrey Goldfarb of the New School for Social Research within this article: Link.
The Sphere
"The Sphere," banner installation consisting of 12 paintings, acrylic on loose canvas, 1990, photo taken by Momatiuk/Eastcott during "Jan Sawka. 1946 - 2012" exhibition at the National Museum of Art, Krakow, Poland,
May 23rd - Sept. 1, 2013.
Jan Sawka's Studio
Jan Sawka in his studio, early 1990's. At left, "Face #1," at right, "Face #2,"
Telephone Booth

“Torsos I – V,” wood, plaster, composite, balsa, strings, found elements, acrylic paint,
sizes ranging between a height of 68” and 80,” 1998-2003, photo by Jacob Mandel.

Essay by Kara Rooney

Special Event on Sunday, June 12th: "Art and Politics: Flags and Banners in Contemporary Art from Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine" at the Wende Museum of the Cold War in Culver City, CA. The panel is an event that is part of the programming of "The Medium is the Message" exhibition, which features artworks by Jan Sawka. Details concerning this free event are here.

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