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Award for the Most Outstanding Young Poster Designer, 5th Biennial of Polish Poster Design, Katowice, Poland.
Second Place, 6th National Graphic Art Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland (for the drypoint engraving “Scandal in Town”).
– Between 1973-81 – Sawka was granted “Warsaw’s Best Poster” Prize 12 times.


LOT Polish Airlines Award, 5th International Poster Biennial, Warsaw, Poland.
Golden Pin Award, given by the editorial staff of Szpilki satirical magazine,
Warsaw (for “To Be a Bird” drawing).

Oscar de la Peinture Award and the Special Prize of the President of France, 7th
International Painting Festival, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France (for a number of major works based on the “In My Head” print series).

The Medal of Honor of the “Student” editorial staff for all creative activities in
the “New Culture” movement.

Gold Medal and First Place in a group of socio-ideological posters, 7th
International Poster Biennial, Warsaw, Poland (for the “Vehicle of the Year”
poster design).


Prize of Honor, 3rd Biennial of Poster Design, Lahti, Finland (for
“Patients” poster).
Eyes and Ears Foundation Award, Billboard Art, Los Angeles, USA.

- The Clio Award, The Annual Award, Advertising, New York, USA.

Book of the Year Award, granted by New York Times Editorial Staff, New York, USA
(for the album containing a series of 25 prints called “A Book of Fiction”).

Silver Medal, 14th Biennial of Graphic Design, Brno, Czech Republic (for a four element poster
design that accompanied the Sawka one-man-show exhibition a the SUNY State
University, New York, USA).

Artist Laureate, 7th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
The Polish Publishers Association Award, Warsaw, Poland, for "70 Views on Route to Venice"

Japanese Cultural Agency Award, Tokyo, Japan.

Award of Merit, 9th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

The Polish National Postal Service issues a series of commemorative postal stamps honoring The Masters of the Polish School of Posters. One stamp features Jan Sawka's poster for theatrical play "The Crazy Locomotive, " a production of the STU Theater, Krakow, Poland.

International OSAKA Award nominee in the fields of architecture and design, Osaka, Japan.

Premio di Lorenzo Il Magnifico Gold Medal in Multimedia, 4th International
Biennial of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy.

AIA (American Institute of Architects) New Hampshire, Excellence in Architecture Design Award for Pease Monument and Complex - Jerusalem (Award received together with Bartek Sapeta), New Hampshire, USA.

Cree (Paris, France), October 1974, November 1976.
Projekt (Warsaw, Poland), no. 4, 1974, no. 4, 1975, no. 4, 1976, no. 3, 1979.
Art and Artists (London, England), June 1976.
Idea (Tokyo, Japan), July 1977, March 1982, February 1993, December 1995.
Novum (Munich, Germany), June 1978.
Artnews (New York, USA) September 1983, October 1984.
New York Times, USA, 4 March 1985.
"Jan Sawka: Human Histories" by Ruth Eisenberg in Arts Magazine (New York, USA), March 1985.
"Jan Sawka Makes an Elegiac Impression in Print" by Charles Solomon in Los Angeles Times, USA, 1 December 1986.
Backstage (New York, USA), March 1989.
"Jan Sawka" by Pierre Souchaud in Artension #35 (Paris, France), October 1991.
"Jan Sawka" by Shoji Katagish in Creation (Tokyo, Japan), no. 13, 1992.
Affiche by Frank Fox(Amsterdam, Netherlands), October 1995.
"Visions of Color and Light" by Frank Fox in Print (New York, USA), May/June 1996.

Contemporary Polish Posters in Full Color, edited by Joseph S. Czestochowski, New York, USA, 1979.
Polish Posters 1970-1980, by Zdzislaw Schubert, Warsaw, Poland, 1982.
Who's Who in Graphic Art, edited by Walter Amstutz, Dubendorf, Switzerland, 1982.
Visual Design Education, catalogue by Giovanni Brunazzi, Aosta, Italy, 1998.
A Selected Retrospective, exhibition catalogue with texts by James Beck, Elena G. Millie, and Niel C. Trager, New York, USA, 1989.
A Selected Retrospective, exhibition catalogue with texts by Stanley Cuba, Arvada, Colorado, USA, 1990.
The Returns, exhibition catalogue with texts by Marek Rostworowski and James Beck, Krakow, Poland, 1991.
My Europe, exhibition catalogue with texts by Marek Rostworowski, Seville, Spain, 1992.
Spotkania (Meetings), by Zdzislaw Schubert, Catalogue, The Exhibition, Tarnow Poland, 1997.
Korzenie (Roots), by Jadwiga Pawlas-Kos, Muzeum Miejskie, Zabrze, Polad, 1997.
Something to Declare: Jan Sawka's Life in Art
An autobiographical essay, with additional essays by others on aspects of Jan Sawka’s art. Edited by Dr. Frank Boyer. New York.

The Series of Full Graphic Treatment of Edward Stachura's Poetry
Various Publishers, Poland 1972-1980.
Narzedzia I Instrumenty (The tools and Instruments) Poety of L.A. Moczulski
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow, Poland, 1974-77
A Book of Fiction, The Folio of 25 Handcolored Dry-Point Engravings
Foreword by Professor James Beck, Clarkson N. Potter, New York, 1986
A Book of Fiction
Clarkson A. Potter, New York, USA, 1986.
70 Views on Route to Venice
(poetry of L. A. Moczulski), A5 Publishers, Poznan, Poland, 1991.
At Hanka's Table
(by Hanka Sawka, with Hanna Maria Sawka), illustrated by Jan Sawka. A cookbook-memoir detailing life behind the Iron Curtain and an exiled family’s life abroad and in the world of art. Lake Isle Press, New York, July 2004.

A Conversation
Installation for the Deutsch Gallery, New York, USA, 1983.
A Book of Fiction
25 prints for Clarkson N. Potter Incorporated, USA 1986.
Krapp's Last Tape
Installation, for the Samuel Beckett Theater, New York, USA, 1986.
The Shoemakers (Witkacy)
Set design, for the Cocteau Theater, New York, USA, 1987.
The Trial (Kafka)
Set design, for the Cocteau Theater, New York, USA, 1987.
Macbeth (Shakespeare)
Set design, for the Cocteau Theater, New York, USA, 1989.
Grateful Dead Concert Stage Set
10-story tall set designed for 25th Anniversary Tour of the Grateful Dead band, USA, 1989.
The Room
Installation for the Dorsky Gallery, New York, USA, 1989.
Waiting for Godot(Beckett)
Set and Poster for Apple Blossom Production, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA, 1990.
Dead Set
Book design, for Viking-Penguin, 1990.
The Sphere
Installation combining paintings, prints, and projections with music by composer Ed Summerlin, for MASC Art Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA, 1990.
Handel's Messiah
Set and installation concept presented to the Pope at St. Peter's Square, the Vatican, 1992.
The Eyes
Theatrical spectacle combining painted banners and kinetic projections, produced by Tadashi Suzuki, Electronic projections/lights, Marc I. Rosenthal for Art Tower Mito, Japan, 1993.
Steve Winwood and Traffic (rock band) Concert Set
for USA Summer Tour (with Marc Rosenthal), 1994.
Mito Spectacle
Concept and design for outdoor visual projection spectacle, Mito, Japan, 1994.
Concept and design for set and installation for a projected theatrical production (with John Russell Brown),England, 1995.
The Magic Cube
Prototype of interactive sculpture (collaboration with Nippon Sheet Glass), Tokyo, Japan, 1995.
The Tower of Light
Concept and design for100-meter obelisk with kinetic projections by Jan Sawka and music composed by Ed Summerlin. An UMU-glass technology working model was produced in collaboration with Japanese companies Toho Studios, Sumitomo, and Nippon Sheet Glass for presentation to the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, 1996.
The Peace Monument
Concept and design for a monument promoting peace in the Middle East. Jerusalem, 1996.
The Virtual Reality Room
Concept for an interactive space created from the active glass for the projection-based multimedia presentations, Nippon Sheet Glass, Toho Studio, Tokyo, 1997.
“Four Oceans” and “The Amber Road”
Two UMU glass Multimedia Sculptures. Polish Pavilion, The Expo of the Sea, Lisbon, Portugal, 1998.
Sky Power
Citywide image projection spectacle (designed with Marc Rosenthal) Houston, Texas, USA, October 23rd 1999.
The Essen Towers
Concept and design for a permanent installation of four interactive UMU glass towers for Essen, Germany, 1999.
Conversation of Cultures
Concept and design for a permanent installation of two monumental UMU glass towers, visually dramatizing the interactions between world cultures.
The Hudson Valley Tower
Concept and design for a single UMU glass tower depicting aspects of the history and lifeways of the people of the Hudson Valley of New York State, New York, 2004.
Four UMU Glass Sculptures
“CalligraphyTower,” “Sun Tower,” and Two Untitled Magic Cubes. (In collaboration with Mineo Mori, Masayuki Kondo, andYoushi Matsuda), Shojiro Saitoh Workshop, Fujisawa, Japan, 2004.
The Voyage
Multi-media spectacle using DVD projection video of over 1200 images, presented in sequence and coordinated to music by Czeslaw Niemen, Florence, 2003 (excerpt), Tokyo. Awarded Premio de Lorenzo Il Magnifico Gold Medal at 2003 Florence Biennial. In pre-production stage, 2007.
The Great Dragon
The large scale installation of projection screens presenting the 60 minutes long multimedia spectacle featuring the 6000 year of Chinese civilisation. Proposed for Taiwan and Mainland China's locations. Concept, 2003.
The Tower of Light Cultural Complex
The further development of the Tower of Light (1996) concept features 8 museums, philharmonic hall, theater and film complex, poetry center and contemporary art center. Also, full urbanistic lay-out, including parks, recreational areas, hotels and shopping centers. The Tower of Light Complex is redeveloped into the Heritage Museum. Lulu Island, Abu Dhabi. 2004-2007.
The National Song Museum
The concept of multimedia, space of the National Song Museum, a part of the Amphitheatre Complex. Also, the multimedia spectacle is proposed. Collaborators, Krystyna and Andrzes Szczepanski, Architects. Opole, Poland. 2006-2007.
Flowers and The Virtual Reality Room.
The Multimedia Spectacle, Concept.
The visual part contains the animated images combining Dennis Stock's series of the flowers' photographs and Mr. Sawka's graphics, about 45-50 minutes long. The spectacle is planned to be featured at the virtual reality Room (1997) already devloped in Japan. 2007.

Please also see the Jan Sawka Individual Exhibitions page (click here).

Sawka- Stankiewicz
Budapest University Gallery, Hungary (posters, prints).
Sawka- Stankiewicz International Festival of Young Art, York, England (posters, prints).

Jan Sawka / STU
Lausanne Cultural Centre, Switzerland (posters, graphics).
Jan Sawka / STU Art 7 Festival, Palermo, Italy (posters, graphics).

Sawka- Stankiewicz
BWA Wroclaw, Poland (prints).
Sawka Helsinki University Gallery, Finland (posters, prints)

Caracas Art Festival, Venezuela (posters, prints)
In My Head FAMA, Swinouscie, Poland (paintings based on prints)
Sawka Stodola Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (posters, prints, drawings)

International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado, USA (posters, prints, paintings on paper)
The Wroclaw Four Poster Museum, Warsaw-Wilanow, Poland (prints, paintings, posters)
Sawka-Mleczko BWA Opole, Poland (posters, prints)

Otto Nagel Haus, East Berlin, Germany (posters)
Jan Sawka Galerie Noire, Paris, Galerie Lefor-Openo, Saint Cloud, France (paintings, prints, drawings)
Sawka Galerie Pulchri Studio, Hague, Netherlands (prints, paintings)
Jan Sawka Dubins Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA (prints, paintings on paper)

To Be a Bird
9th International Painting Festival, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris, France (installation of paintings)
Sawka Art Directors Club, New York, New York, USA (posters)

Jan Sawka
Lillian Heidenberg Gallery, New York, New York, USA (paintings, prints, drawings)
Sawka Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA (paintings, prints)

The Laureates of the 7th International Biennial of Poster Art
Poster Museum, Warsaw-Wilanow, Poland (posters)
Jan Sawka Poster Exhibition, J. Kochanowski Theater, Opole, Poland (posters)

Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA (paintings, prints)

Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, New York, USA (paintings)
Sawka Ana Sklar Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA (paintings, prints)
Paintings IMF Gallery, Washington, DC. USA (paintings)

In My Head and Map of the Sky
Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA (paintings)
Conversations Sid Deutsch Gallery, New York, New York, USA (installation of paintings and constructions)

Sawka Albany Acadamy Gallery, Albany, New York, USA
New Creations Evelyn Siegel Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas, USA (paintings, prints)

Jan Sawka
paintings and constructions, Sid Deutsch Gallery, New York, Pratt Manhattan Center Gallery, 112 Greene Street, New York, USA (paintings, constructions, prints), Saumuel Beckett Theater, New York (Poster)

"Krapp's Last Tape" installation
Samuel Beckett Theater, New York, New York, USA (installation of paintings)
Exhibitions promoting his new book "The Book of Fiction" Rizzoli Bookstore and Gallery, New York, USA; Anca Colbert Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA; Evelyn Siegel Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas, USA (prints)

Life Cycles
Di Laurenti Gallery, New York, New York, USA (paintings)
Sawka a series of graphic design exhibitions, La Salle, Aosta, Italy (posters, prints)

New Works
Dorsky Gallery, Soho, New York, USA (paintings, "The Room" Installation)
Retrospective SUNY College Art Gallery, New Paltz, New York, USA (paintings, constructions, prints, posters)
Retrospective Dowd Fine Arts Center, SUNY College, Cortland, New York, USA

Tyler Art Gallery, New York State University, Oneonta, New York, USA
Milestones, retrospective Nicolaysen Museum of Art, Casper, Wyoming, USA
Milestones, retrospective Arvada Arts Center of the Arts, Arvada, Colorado, USA (paintings, constructions, posters)
Jana Sawky nawrat do srdca Europy Brno Municipal Theater Gallery, Czechoslovakia (prints, posters)
The Sphere, a visual-musical project with composer Edgar Summerlin, MASC Art Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA (slides, banners, prints)

Dorsky Gallery, Soho, New York, USA (banners)
New Creations, De Andino Fine Arts Gallery, Washington, D.C., USA (paintings, banners, prints)
Returns, retrospective The Arsenal Gallery, Czartoryski Foundation, Cracow National Museum, Poland (paintings, banners, prints)
Paintings, Sketches, Starmach Gallery, Cracow, Poland (paintings, drawings)
On the Way to Seville Hassel & Haeseler Gallery, Denver, Colorado, USA (paintings, banners)
Poster Retrospective Fort Collins Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (posters)
Returns, retrospective Poster Museum, Warsaw-Wilanow, Poland (paintings, banners, prints, posters)
We Exist, Zacheta National Gallery, Soho, Warsaw, Poland, (banners, prints)

New Sculptures
Carolyn Hill Gallery, Soho, New York, USA (sculptures, paintings)
Returns, retrospective The Abbots' Palace, Gdansk National Musuem, Gdansk Poland (paintings, prints, banners)
Returns, retrospective Science and Art Museum, Prague, Czech Republic (paintings, prints, banners)
Returns, retrospective BWA Bielsko-Biala, Poland (paintings, banners, prints)
My Europe, installation, International Art Pavalion, Expo '92 Seville, Spain (banners, prints, posters)
Jan Sawka, mixed media paintings, 1978-88, Queens Museum, New York, USA (paintings)
Work in Process Creation Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (prints, paintings, sculptures)
Graphic Art, retrospective. Presentation of the "Messiah Concept, Wroclaw National Museum, Wroclaw, Poland (prints, multi-media projects)

The World of Jan Sawka- paintings, prints, intallations Atrium Gallery, Connecticut State University, Storrs, Connecticut, USA (paintings, prints, banners, the Room installation, video)
"The Eyes" Visual Theater, a multimedia project, ACM Theater, Art Tower Mito, Japan (banner installations)

Graphic Art retrospective
Striped House Museum of Art Tokyo, Japan (prints, banners, installation)

Returns, retrospective
Pecsi Galeria, Pecs, Hungary (paintings, banners, prints, video)
Sawka Graphic Art Gallery 360, Aoyama Tokyo, Japan (prints)

The Tower of Light
project presentation Culture Foundation, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (paintings, prints, posters, multi-media, models)
Projects, Kosciuszko Foundation, New York, NY

Jan Sawka- Roots
Zabrze Municipal Museum, Zabrze, Poland (paintings, prints, posters, multi-media)
Sawka-Sato Traveled to ten midsized art centers all over Poland over 1997-2000 (paintings, posters)
Meetings Galeria Miejska, Tarnow, Poland (paintings, prints, posters, sculptures, multi-media).

Polish Cultural Institute, London, UK (paintings, posters)

Jan Sawka
The New Works Gallery Above, Woodstock, NY (paintings, sculptures, multimedia)

Into the Open: From Studio Works to Monumental Projects, and Beyond…
ACA Galleries, New York (paintings, prints, sculptures, interactive sculptures and multimedia presentations)

Selected Retrospective, O.V.A.C., Amagabsett, NY, USA

The Peace Monument & Center, International Poster Center, New York City, U.S.A.
Homecoming, The Mohonk Arts, High Falls, NY, USA

Ashokan series, Red Eft Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY, USA
Paintings & multi-media, The Utopian Directions, Warwick, NY, USA

Personal Equilibrium:  The Private Journals of Jan Sawka, Stevenson Library, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

"Jan Sawka. 1946 - 2012" exhibition at the National Museum in Krakow, Poland


Jan Sawka's artwork is in the following
public collections as of December 9, 1998.

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT, USA
Art Museum, Lahti, Finland
The Art and Science Museum, Prague, Czech Republic
Bibliotheque Forney, Paris, France
Arvada Arts Center, Arvada, Colorado, USA
Bibliotheque Prince Albert (, Brussels, Belgium
Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris, France
Biblioteka Slaska, Katowice, Poland
Centre Nationale Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
Chateau Musee, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
University of Connecticut Art Department, Storrs, CT, USA
Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum,New York, USA
Cooper Union Collection of Art, New York, USA
Croatian National Library, Zagreb, Croatia
Deutsche Plakatmuseum, Essen, Germany
Dansk Plakatmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark
University of Delaware Library, Newark, DE, USA
De Paul University Museum, Chicago, IL, USA
Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany
Colorado State University Museum, Fort Collins, Co., USA
Denver Museum of Art, Denver, Co., USA
Foundation Maeght, Saint Paul, France
Heritage Museum, Hong-Kong, China
Galerie Kunstsammlung, Cottbus, Germany
University of Iowa Library, Iowa City, IA, USA
City Museum, Gliwice, Poland
Israeli Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Jagiellonian University Museum, Cracow, Poland
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA
Kanazawa University Museum, Kanazawa City, Japan
Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
Cultural Foundation Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava, Slovakia
Musee De L'Affiche, Paris, France
Musee Chaumont, Chaumont, France
Bibliotheque Grande Place, Grenoble, France
Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Musee d'Histoire Contemporaine, Paris, France
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, Japan
The Terror House Museum (The Martyrology Museum), Budapest, Hungary
National Museum, Cracow, Poland
National Museum, Gdansk, Poland
National Museum, Poznan, Poland
National Museum, Warsaw, Poland
National Museum, Wroclaw, Poland
Die Neue Sammlung Museum, Munich, Germany
Niigata Perfectural Museum, Niigata, Japan
Ogaki Museum of Art, Ogaki, Japan
Plakatmuseum am Niederrhein, Emmerich, Germany
Pecsi Galeria, Pecs, Hungary
Muzeum Okregowe, Radom, Poland
Rex Foundation, San Rafael, CA, USA
Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI, USA
SUNY College, Cortland, NY, USA
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY, USA
Muzeum Slaskie, Katowice, Poland
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Stu Theater Collection, Cracow, Poland
University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland
Warsaw Archidiocese Museum, Warsaw, Poland
Muzeum Plakatu, Warsaw, Poland
Striped House Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
Toppan Printing Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Muzeum Miejskie, Zabrze, Poland
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK


Speaker and panelist, IBM Fellow, IDCA (International Design Conference, Aspen CO), United States Bicentennial, 1976
2-hour lecture, Art Department, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1983
Taught 1 day master class, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, 1984
2.5 hour lecture, Department of Design, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 1986
Speaker, International Design Meetings, Aosta, Italy, 1988
Speaker, United States Information Agency’s Symposium titled “East Meets West,” Marshall University, Huntington, WV, 1988
Speaker, Occasion: Retrospective exhibition, State University of New York, New Paltz, 1989
Speaker, Occasion: Retrospective exhibition, State University New York, Cortland, NY, 1989
Taught 3 day master-class as Laureate at the International Poster Biennial held at the University of Colorado, Fort Collins, CO, 1990
Speaker, Occasion: Retrospective exhibition, State University New York, Oswego, 1990
Speaker, International Graphic Arts Biennial, Brno, Czechoslovakia, 1990
Speaker, Pokaz Gallery (Art Critics’ Gallery), Warsaw, Poland, 1990
Speaker, Fine Arts Academy, Poznan, Poland, 1990
Speaker, Occasion: Retrospective exhibition, National Museum of Art, Krakow, Poland, 1991
Speaker, Occasion: Retrospective exhibition, Poster Museum, Wilanow, Poland, 1991
2-day master-class, State University of New York, New Paltz, 1991
Taught 1-week long master-class at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland,
Speaker, Solo-exhibition at Recruit Institute’s Creation Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 1992
Frequent master-classes taught at the Guardian Garden Institute (for nurturing young artistic talents), Tokyo, Japan, 1994 – present
Speaker, Occasion: Polish Posters exhibition, Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY, 1996
Speaker, Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 1996
Master-lecture, Department of Architecture, The Polytechnic Institute, Wroclaw, Poland, 1996
Speaker, Occasion: Exhibition, The Municipal Museum, Zabrze, Poland, 1997
Speaker, Occasion: Exhibition, Municipal Art Center, Tarnow, Poland, 1997
Speaker, Occasion: Series of three Hudson-Valley exhibitions, Utopian Direction Gallery, Warwick, New York, 2011

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