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The Eyes


  Theater Spectacle, Art Tower Mito Japan - 1993

(10 Second playback - 116K)

In the first part of the production, a single actor sites on stage, his back to the audience, while episodes of his life dissolve one through the other, to the accompaniment of piano music composed and performed by Adam Makowicz. In the second part, the actor faces the audience while banner-like paintings are raised high above him.; on these is a landscape that gradually reveals itself as the body of a flying man. When the banners are in place, projections of eye-like images begin, first on two screens, then four - two on each side of the flying man. According to Sawka, these images represent the dreams of Everyman, symbolized by the solitary figure on stage.

Electronic projections/lights: Marc I. Rosenthal
Set engineering, Lukasz Bogucki
Artistic director/Art Tower Mito Theater; Tadashi Suziki

Sponsors; Art Tower Mito/Japan Foundation, ANA Airlines, Toshiba

-excerpt from Visions of Color and Light by Frank Fox
Print Magazine L:III May/June 1996 p.107

The production combined traditional theater props, in this case a series of banner-like paintings rising from the stage lift toward the ceiling in slow motion. The rest of the effects was a collection of electronically controlled kinetic images projected on huge screens installed on both sides of the banner installation. The music was composed and recorded for the spectacle, a sole actor performed a short role at the opening stages. The rest of the show was light moving and magically transforming images and sound.

This spectacle was the result of my whole life experience in theatre and painting as well as architecture. I have developed the concept of non-material spectacle, projected by the ultramodern systems on various screens, scrims, or directly on the walls.

-Jan Sawka




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