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Concept and Artwork: Jan Sawka
Music: Excerpts of Josef Haydn and Georg Handel's masterpieces.
Director: John Russell Brown
Text: Old English tales of the Creation, adapted by John Russell Brown
Technical Design, production systems, sound, etc. TOHO Studios, Tokyo, Japan and
The Sawka Team
Since the successful production of "The Eyes" in 1993 I started the development of a large scale theatrical spectacle based on the huge outdoor concert stage configuration (As used by the Grateful Dead and other top groups) and the projection technology I started to use for "The Eyes".

John Russell Brown, a great British theatrical director has approached me with the idea of "Creation" written in England in the fifteenth century.

Since the first draft in 1993 we have developed together with TOHO Studios in Tokyo, Japan the full design of such a spectacle. More importantly TOHO Studios has engineered the very flexible stage based on my idea of adapting stadium sized platforms for theatrical touring productions.

The production is planned by Helge Joost Communications Inc. of Hamburg, Germany for the world premiere at Hamburg, August 2000, later touring in Berlin, Munich, and the Ruhr Area.

This production will have two live actors appearing on the huge side screens, the array of giant puppets run by master puppeteers, the rest of the elements will be projected on the system of big screens. All kinetic images will be digitized and projected by laser High Definition systems on these screens. All imagery will contain my pictures in watercolor, collage or pastel.

The spectacle will be celebrating the creation of The World by God, a perfect vehicle for The Millennium, but naturally it's message will be absolutely universal, appealing to all cultures and religions.

Thanks to the projection techniques of kinetic images it is possible to create an almost unlimited array of vistas and a visual feast which was not possible with traditional means of set design. A great number of attempts was made to stage "Creation" with conventional set materials, but the story depicts literally thousands of images of our world being created. This could not be reproduced with the same richness by assembling artificial "Mountains" or "Oceans" on the stage.

I believe that the success of this concept will lead to all types of stage productions being produced in this way

-Jan Sawka




All artworks/images copyright Jan Sawka Estate