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Sky Power


  Houston,Texas, USA - 1999

I was invited to participate at the largest multimedia show and the first American Millennium project in Houston, Texas. Sky Power '99 involves lasers, sky lights, pyrotechnics and large scale projections on buildings all over downtown Houston. It will create a 360 degree stage some two miles around and 2400 feet high. I am creating the kinetic images for the spectacle climax centering on NASA's triumphs in space exploration.

-Jan Sawka

Designed with Marc I. Rosenthal

Scenes from Houston Sky Power

These are scenes from the cleanup after the Houston Sky Power event.

It took 190 trips with three helicopters to remove the projectors,spent fireworks, lighting, lasers.

On the leftpicture, you can see many banks of spent fireworks.
Helicopters were used to remove fireworks and a shelter for the projection equipment from one of the rooftops.

Crew member, Helicopter, and Houston Skyline.

The equipment was flown from the rooftops to the "Boneyard" where forklifts took the equipment into a warehouse.

A Pigi projector is lifted from the dumpsters used for transportation and placed back in it's case.

One corner of the Boneyard, and the Pyro vehicles used to transport the staff to the various locations around downtown Houston.

This where time code was generated to produce the largest synchronized projection, fireworks, lasers and lights show in the world.

The results.

Building projection detail, and on the right you can see "NASA" projected on the middle bulding.

The three photos above used with permission of Marc I. Rosenthal




All artworks/images copyright Jan Sawka Estate