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These images represent a small selection of Jan Sawka's work within this area.

Poster Auction XIX Krapp's Last Tape, Samuel Becket Car of the Year Exodus, Stu Theater
Expo 1992 Jazz on the Oder River Patients, Stu Theater '75 Jan Sawka, Kepzomuvesz, Pecs
W. Gombrowicz Operetka, The Operetta '77 King Lear Teatr Powszechny, Arthur Kopit, Buffalo Bill '75 A Book Of Fiction
Jazz Nad Odra, Jazz on Odra River '73 Jazz Nad Odra, Jazz on Odra River '78 La Nouvelle Vage, Affiches Polonaises '75
Jan Sawka The Tempest - William Shakespeare International Chopin & Friends Festival Solidarity



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