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Offset - 68 x 96cm. AFL - CIO Fund Raiser.

Below is the fundraising mailing by the AFL-CIO, which resulted in millions of Americans buying the poster.  This support was sent to aid Solidarity.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Martial Law, the United States Embassy in Warsaw, Poland posted the “Let Poland Be Poland” television campaign that was televised during Martial Law to raise awareness and support for Solidarity.  The American labor union AFL-CIO spearheaded a fundraiser using a poster that Jan Sawka had originally created at the request of Solidarity itself.  This fundraiser was supported by both the Democratic and Republican parties, as well as by President Ronald Reagan.  The sale of the poster Jan Sawka's poster raised millions of dollars for Solidarity.  Part 5 of the “Let Poland Be Poland” series features Poles in Exile. Jan Sawka is one of the Exiled Poles featured in this part – please note the “Solidarity” poster and other Sawka artworks in the background.  This video is on the US Embassy in Poland Youtube channel:




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