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"Jan Sawka Retrospective and the Tower of Light Presentation"
Abu Dhabi, UAE - 1996

Banner Garden

The Tower of Light was shown in the Presentation Room. Above are two images of the Tower of Light scale model, an UMU-glass "curtain" and the drawings of sequences of the multimedia spectacle that is to play out on the tower’s face.

"Tower of Light" sequences, which are to be synchronized to music as they play over the face of the obelisk.

To left, more renderings of the "Tower of Light." At right, a large UMU glass demonstration model of the Tower, demonstrating the unique qualities of UMU glass.

The demonstration model of the section of "The Tower of Light" as seen in action at the Abu Dhabi show. At left, UMU glass in translucent state, at right, UMU is activated and clear. This model is now located at the Nippon Sheet Glass Headquarters in NSG-Asia, Singapore.

Jan Sawka presenting the

"Tower of Light" to Minister of Culture. His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (currently His Highness is Minister of Foreign Affairs of U.A.E.)

At left, East Meets West. At right, Kamakura.

Dusk and Dawn

General view. At bottom, series of Postcards

The Retrospective was held in the main hall of the Cultural Foundation of Abu Dhabi. Two views of three sculptures entitled Memory 1 - 3

Venetian triptych

Scott and Zelda, 1995. Triptych about the Fitzgeralds Acrylic relief. Each panel 75" x 48"

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All artworks/images copyright Jan Sawka Estate